UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, warns of blurry political future in Libya

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has warned of the mysterious political future in Libya and called on all parties to put atop what is best for their country.

In his report about Libya to the UN Security Council Tuesday, Ban Ki-moon said to achieve a sustained and long lasting peace and thrive in Libya, all parties must double up their efforts and stay committed to always prioritise the well-being of the country and make it stand up to any challenges.

“Some of the political and military senior leaders in Libya are trying to get in the way of the success of the political dialogue and aim to counter the efforts done to get Libya out of its current crisis.” He indicated.

Ban Ki-moon also pointed out his concern about the continued expansion of ISIS militias in Libya saying that all parties must unite to defeat it.

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