UNSMIL holds Libya real estate, properties’ rights workshop in Tunisia

A thematic meeting on real estate, land and property rights in Libya was organized in Tunis by UNSMIL and UNDP on 9-10 July as part of the project “Towards National Reconciliation in Libya”.

The meeting brought together members of the Government of National Accord (GNA), the House of Representatives (HoR), the High Council of State (HCS), the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA), heads of the State Property Authority and the National Real Estate Registration Authority, an association representing landowners affected by real-estate related laws, as well as various municipalities, councils of elders and national experts.

Discussions helped to identify the best remedies to address the legacy of land and property violations in Libya. Participants discussed the consequences of past ownership policies and possible solutions, especially with regards to Law No. 4 of 1978 and Law No. 123 of 1970, which expropriated many houses and landowners in favour of the State.

As for possible solution, participants discussed the legacy of the the Committee established in 2006 to provide compensations to owners affected by Law No. 4, as well as the role of traditional leaders in addressing the consequences of Laws No. 123 and 142. They also analysed how Law No. 29 on Transitional Justice, which includes measures of reparations, could deal with these property-related grievances.

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