Upon protest by Libya’s Foreign Ministry, Italy scraps fishing agreement with Haftar’s Military Investment Authority

Italy halts fishing agreement with Haftar’s military investment authority. [Photo: Libyan Express]

Union of Italian Fishing has suspended the agreement it signed with Military Investment Authority of #Haftar’s forces in eastern Libya after the Libyan Foreign Ministry has asked Italy to halt such an illegitimate action.

The agreement was signed last March between the Union of Italian Fishing in Sicily and Haftar’s Military Investment Authority for 10.000 euros a month for 5 years and took effect last July.

The Libyan Foreign Ministry sent Thursday a letter to the Italian Embassy in Tripoli demanding a halt of the illegal agreement as it is considered a way of funding the “militias attacking the legitimate government in Libya.”

The agreement was allowing Italian fishermen to fish in Libyan waters, which the Foreign Ministry rendered as a violation of sovereignty and of international maritime laws.

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