US Special Forces kicked out of Al-Watiya airbase

© Libyan Air Forces / Facebook
© Libyan Air Forces / Facebook


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A number of US commandos, who landed in Al-Watiya airbase in western Libya on December 14, left the airbase some hours after their arrival to avoid strife with a brigade from Zintan, the Zintan’s Thunderbolt Brigade said on Friday.

The brigade said that a US plane arrived at 07:30 am on a mission to train army staff.

2 hours later an armed group from Abu Baker Al-Sidiq Brigade led by Al-Ajami Al-Atari circled the area attempting to hold the US commandos captive and take them to Zintan.

“The US commandos refused to leave out of the airbase. Before and expressed their disappointment over the improper treatment pointing that there is no regular army in Libya.” Added the brigade.

“Tripoli government was right to call you Tribes Army and the military institution has no control over its units.

The airbase is controlled by Zintani militias.” The US Commandos said as they were leaving, according to a statement by the brigade.

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