War in Benghazi: Deputy Interior Minister of Libya GNA vows to take on eastern strongman Haftar

  • Libyan Express |
  • Friday 10 November 2017

The deputy interior minister of the UN-brokered government, Faraj Egayem, denied dispute with the Khalifa Haftar-led general command. (Photo: Internet)


The Deputy Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord in eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, Faraj Egayem, has declared war on the commander of the self-styled National Army in eastern Libya, Khalifa Haftar.

In an interview after his headquarters in Budzira, Benghazi, came under mortar attack Friday, he told Libya 218 TV Channel that Haftar and his forces have 48 hours to leave Benghazi and hand power over to field commander Wanis Bukhamada.

Egayem added that he is certain that Friday attack, which killed three of the interior ministry personnel and injured seven, was done by Haftar and his loyalists, saying they are gangs and militias responsible for all the abductions and murders in Benghazi since 2014.

Egayem also explained that there will be a meeting in Bersis area in Benghazi on Saturday and he invited all the leaderships to come and agree on pledging allegiance of the army command to Bukhamada, then dismissing all Haftar;s forces.

He indicated that if this step did not happen and if Haftar and his gangs did not leave Benghazi, there will be a war and Haftar will pay the price.

Egayem is from Awageer Tribe, and the ones killed in Friday mortar attack are too. All of the tribesmen are against Haftar’s doings in Benghazi.

Just on November 05, Egayem escaped an assassination attempt when a car bomb hit his convoy, killing one person and injuring others. Egayem blamed Haftar for it.

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