War in Libya is more through media than battlefield

Libya after revolution (Photo: Internet)

Since the ousting of Moammar Gaddafi, Libya has seen a boost in its media outlets’ numbers and in journalist works in general, yet the cost is beyond a prosperous media sector; it has been an agenda for each outlet fighting a war on the frontline of words and statements. 

Many TV channels have opened since the declaration of liberation of Libya from the tyrant regime, which only allowed at the time a few media outlets to operate under a very strict agenda.

However, the security issues in Libya, split in political views, different agendas for each political parties and different sources of funding made the media business a frontline parallel to that on the ground; one with fire and steel and the other with words and campaigns.

Libyan media outlets and news operators as well as websites are all fighting in their own way to pave the way for those whom they support on the ground, whether political or military players.

All different agendas are involved in the media fighting in Libya, from inside the country and from abroad, with many Libyan outlets operating in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Turkey and Qatar, and the UAE.

Yes all media outlets have agendas, but in the Libyan scenario the agenda is triumphing over the best interests of the country and thus worsening the country’s political and military conflict.

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