Water flows back to Tripoli, saving Libyans from humanitarian crisis

Armed group loyal to Haftar cut off water to Tripoli. [Photo: Internet]

Water supplies to residents of Tripoli and other western region cities have been restored two days after being cut off by gunmen loyal to Khalifa Haftar, calling for release of a relative of their detained by Special Deterrence Force in Tripoli for crimes.

Brigadier General Mohammed bin Nayel, a general under Haftar’s command, said water from the industrial river had begun flowing through its normal routes.

Bin Nayel added that the Man-made River project belongs to all Libyans and will not be affected by Libyan armed forces.

The authority in charge of the Man-made River, a pipe network supplying groundwater from the Sahara, also confirmed the resumption of supplies.

“The crisis of halting water supplies has ended and flows have started,” it said in a statement.

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