Western Elders and Municipalities urge GNA to kick off work from Tripoli

  • Libyan Express |
  • Thursday 17 March 2016


Mayors, Elders and Notables from the west called on the Government of National Accord to start working from inside the capital, Tripoli, reiterating their ultimate support for it.

On Wednesday, the wester figures issued a statement to stress that the coastal road western Tripoli and Nafousa mountain road must be reopened, reassuring that all Libyans should fight terrorism and sending their appreciation for the reconciliation efforts that aim at bringing peace and stability to people.

‘We blame all the voices that call for escalation of the current situation for any repercussions that might destroy the well-formed social fabric. We are not with any war or fight or even violence that might other parties push for, and we will disown those who insist on this violent approach.’ The statement explained.


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