Wife of Dubai’s ruler escaped to London as husband criticizes her in a poem

Husband and wife are facing challenges after the former escaped with her son and daughter. [Photo: Internet]
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai and one of the world’s richest men, has written a furious poem denouncing treachery and betrayal after his wife, Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, the daughter of the late King of Jordan and sister of the present king, secretly fled to Europe with their son Zayed, 7, and daughter Al Jalila, 11, the Daily Beast said.

Haya is believed to have initially sought asylum in Germany, and sources say her application has been approved in principle.

However, she is also said to be seeking sanctuary in the U.K., with sources telling The Daily Beast her preference is to live in London, where she is currently said to be residing at a secret location.

The flight of Haya will inevitably draw comparisons with the failed attempt by bin Rashid’s daughter, Princess Shiekha Latifa, to flee Dubai last year.

Latifa tried to get out, but was intercepted at sea off India and returned the United Arab Emirates. She had previously recorded a YouTube video in which she criticized her father and the restrictions she lived under.

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