9% of fuel sold in Italy’s petrol stations is smuggled from Libya, report says

Libyan oil site (Photo: Internet) 

The National Oil Corporation’s (NOC) current target is petrol smuggling, reported Petroleum Economist on Friday.

“The extent of Libya’s fuel smuggling was laid bare in September by a report by the UN Panel of Experts. Lacking refinery capacity, Libya spends $3.3bn a year importing petrol and refined products, much of it from Italy.” The UK-based site reported.

IT added that petrol arrives in Al-Zawiya, Libya’s largest western oil port, where militias steal much of it and smuggle it back to Italy via Malta using a fleet of 70 boats.

“Italian police have begun investigating the Italian end of the smuggling operation, with one source close to the NOC telling Petroleum Economist that up to 9% of gasoline sold in Italian petrol stations is smuggled from Libya.” IT explained.

In June the UN and US imposed sanctions on six Zawiya migrant smugglers, including the local petroleum guard chief, who was also implicated in fuel smuggling.

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