A hundred days of fighting in Tripoli; no ceasefire in the making

Fighters getting ready for Tripoli battle. [Photo: Internet]
Tripoli’s battle has passed it’s 100th day with a striking death toll of over 1050 killed, 5500 injured and over 100.000 displaced.

The battle that was kicked off by Khalifa Haftar and his forces from eastern Libya on April 04 continues on the outskirts of the capital with no advances or signs of possible entry to Tripoli as forces allied with the Government of National Accord keep pushing them out and away from the capital.

During the last 100 days, Haftar has lost many of his forces’ positions in southern Tripoli and has lost his main supplies line and operations room city – Gharyan.

On the political level, the international community and regional players have called more than once for a ceasefire, but the GNA has it’s own conditions for that, including the return of Haftar’s forces to their previous positions, which Haftar refuses.

Meanwhile, the impact of the battle is still high as water, power and fuel shortages continue to persist.

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