Al-Mirash: Bashagha assassination attempt was a fabrication

The political analyst boldly claims that the attempt on the Minister's life just days ago was a fabrication meant to further his political agenda by placing pressure on the new government to keep him at his post

Al-Mirash claims that the incident was a mere misunderstanding that was used to gain political capitol. [Photo: Internet]
Kamel Al-Mirash, a political analyst claims that the recent assassination attempt made on the life of the Government of National Accord’s interior minister was a fabricated scenario meant to be used for political advancement.

The political analyst stated that the minister of interior was quick to utilize the dangerous incident to place pressure on newly instated executive authority to keep him in his powerful post within the governing body of the country.

He detailed that the car was shot at by members of Bashasgha’s guard belonging to the ‘Zawiya Protection Militia’, with both parties acting on a hostile attitude to wanting to emerge superior and neither of them recognized that they worked for the same man until the shooting had already begun.

“How can a single car, that has nothing but light weapons and no explosives in it, stand up to a motorcade of 70 military vehicles with anti-aircraft and armored cars?” he asked referring to the attackers and their single employed vehicle in the alleged attack.

He went on to say that despite the incident being a clear misunderstanding due to a lack of communication, the Interior Minister went on to exploit what had occurred to his benefit by portraying it as an assassination attempt to remain at his post with the new government and protect members of his militia who began a shootout in a public setting endangering the lives of civilians for no real reason.

He concluded by stating that the incident only further confirms that those in power in the country’s capital remain under the control of unlawful militias and that the interior minister despite being apart of the government continues to act as a member of a militia.

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