Bashagha denies allegations of a fabricated assassination attempt

After rumors started circulating that the assassination attempt made against the Minister was a mere fabrication, he is now denying having any hand in the attack on his convoy or using it to his advantage

The Minister stated that the car that had attacked his convoy was parked and waiting for them to pass, insinuating that it was a coordinated attack. [Photo:Reuters]
After what the public initially perceived as an assassination attempt, the Interior Minister of the outgoing Government of National Accord has spoken out against the allegations that the attempt on his life was a fabrication on his part for political longevity and advancement.

Speaking to Reuters, the Minister insisted that he had no hand in the attack on his convoy this week, stating that the suspected vehicle in the attack was parked and took off after him on the road, thus proving that it was a coordinated attack.

The alleged attack took place in Janzur in which a vehicle later found to belong to another state security office, opened fire on the Minister’s convoy on its way back to his residence in Janzur, multiple guards were injured and one of the alleged assailants was killed. No civilian casualties or public property damage were been reported.

The Minister’s office was quick to label the incident an ‘assassination attempt’ a label many political experts and members of the public disagree with as the incident seemed to be a misunderstanding between members of different security due to a lack of communication.

The Stabilisation Support Apparatus (SSA), whose vehicle was suspected of carrying out the alleged attack, completely rejected the narrative presented by the Ministry of Interior, claiming that his security opened fire on their personnel first, taking the life of one of their own and then using it for political advancement.

The incident has been widely condemned by international powers such as the United Nations Support Mission in Libya and the United State’s embassy as well as the European Union.

Since then the alleged incident has been under investigation by the office of the Attorney General who have arrested the surviving culprits and have yet to report on their findings in the investigation.

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