Al-Sirraj to Sky News: Over 800.000 migrants could cross from Libya to Europe because of war

Sky News Photo for the Libyan Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj

Libya’s Head of Presidential Council has told Sky News that there could be an influx of more than 800,000 migrants from Libya into Europe if the instability in his country continues.

Al-Sirraj told Sky News’s Alex Crawford who went to Tripoli for the report that the international community must pressure Khalifa Haftar’s forces and call them by their name and pressure them to go back to where they came from.

“Haftar has declared he’s clearing the capital of terrorists, but Al-Sirraj claims this is a thinly-disguised military grab of power.” Sky News reported.

Al-Sirraj also told Crawford: “Has Tripoli all of a sudden become a terrorist city?”

“And are all its residents now terrorists? Are Abu Salim residents who were bombed yesterday now terrorists? Or those living in Ain Zara, or Sawani? Are all of these terrorists? Or are these crimes against humanity? Isn’t it time now to call it as it is?” He asked Crawford.

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