Appreciating new Libya book centre and sharing Indonesian experiences on memory of the world

Being optimistic is a cure for all humankind. It will lead people to think positively and create conducive environment toward the existing quality of people and environment. Optimistic is in line with patience. Like traveler who always convince to find an oasis in the desert.

To be optimistic is part of human attitude. One way to maintain this noble obligation is by always remembering human good deeds during its life.  At same time people should double its effort to develop the good values by giving more access to current generation to imitate or even to flourish it for its society and environment development.

To begin with the above observation, we as a current generation who is still alive should first express our thankfulness to God Almighty.  We understand that life is very precious gifted from God Almighty. He give spirit and opportunity for us to live in order to do our best not only for our current generation but also for next generation.

After that as a member of generation, any individuals must have a good bond with surrounding.  It may be good bond to member of family or neighborhood or friends or may be with someone else as human being. This attitude will give a good impact for our life.

We understand that human is social creature that needs friends to talk and discuss. We need lesson from surrounding for undergoing life. We have to make a balance life by knowing our role in this world.  We should give solution to this life and as much as we can not to abandon problems for others.

Nowadays, issues seem interrelated. Issues of pandemic, issue of environment, issue of climate change, issue of energy, issues of waste, and other intermistic issues need pay attention to be addressed.  These issues need holistic and sustainable manner to mitigate.

Today and in the years to come, we have to hard work to develop ourselves and environment.  We have to fix our relations with surrounding (family and neighborhood and nature) and handle environment with care. We try to manage our self with holistic manner in interacting with Our Creator, our Surrounding and our environment.

It is good to see that Indonesia and Libya are among countries in the world given with abundance of natural resources. And this is Indonesia and Libyan right to do their best for the countries. It is surely their success of handling this will give good impact not only to respective countries but also to the surrounding. For this both countries need knowledge that may be shared each other appropriately.

To find real knowledge, we are requested to study about the creation of the Universe and to find knowledge is not limited from local but also open from other countries. This is the universality of knowledge which opens to all humankinds.

The most powerful knowledge is to thanks first to God Almighty as the Causa Prima. When human knowledge always bases on His perfectness, He will open the way to us and guide us how to work and interact with surrounding. It is God gifted when He create something, He always make others to complete/fix and answer your problem or your weakness. The way that we have to do is just look around the surrounding then invite you to think and pray for have His guidance and cooperate for the goodness.

A guidance to get knowledge is how we can learn from the past or history. People need learn how the situation was happened in the past.  If now our country is having pandemic, through learning the past history we know that the world before had also experienced the same.  It may also apply for other issues.

Now our task is to facilitate how people can easily access to learn about the current situation and the past situation and how to anticipate for our need now or even for next decade.  We need to manage documentation activities from observation until invention and discovery and development. We need to manage historical document and past documents by documenting, storing or even preserving. In this context the establishment of Archive and Library or Documentation and its related applied technology are becoming vital. From this activity, people may know past event give clue for our current situation and may develop more creative activities.

In appreciating this activity, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli sees an enlightening moment that at the end of 2020 The Book Centre is open in Tajoura (Ali Gharyani). This center, like other public centers, serves people to get information in all issues.  Even though this Centre is new, it has served quite wide spectrum in its publication materials. The most important is this Centre has initiated a noble services and opened access for peoples not only for local but also for regions or even the world by technology. This Centre helps people familiar and close with source of knowledge that representing holistic approaches in studying Universe along with its applied socio cultural and technical matters.

To enrich number of publication, widen networking and reduce the gap of movement due to pandemic Covid 19, the management of this Centre seems have prepared digital approaches to make easy access for serving peoples.

In joining with this noble effort done by the Management of Book Centre, and in enriching the list of Foreign References, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia has contributed some historical photos and 2 Electronic books (E-book) respectively regarding joint libya-indonesia culture heritage published by Embassy of the Republic Indonesia and Libyan Culture Authority, and regarding Introduction Book for technical empowering activity for Libya published by the Embassy.

The Embassy also appreciates to the Management of Ali Gharyani Book Centre that on January 24, 2021 gives special corner to open permanent 1955 Asian African Conference Photo Exhibition that shows Libyan-Indonesia founding fathers active participation during the conference in international interaction held in Bandung-Indonesia 1955. The availability of this exhibition will not only give good posture of Libyan in international fora but also reflects Libya and Indonesia and other related countries closeness in supporting and  international cooperation in all fields for the better world.

The Embassy also has shortly shared about Indonesian experience in making the Archives of Asian African Conference become recognized by UNESCO and get appreciated as Memory of the World. For this experience, Indonesia always opens to share its best practices to Libyan peoples who are interested in knowing this archives and documentation activities as part of our commitment to share knowledge for better life of our current and next generation

Furthermore, to make more communication between this Centre with other of related stakeholders in Libya or in Indonesia, on January 27, 2021, The Embassy has also established the virtual meeting between the Centre with the National Library in Indonesia to dig and study more opportunities to cooperate. May Allah Azza Wa Jalla always protect us. Aaameen Ya Robbal ‘Aaalameen

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