Indonesian embassy’s virtual and hybrid collaboration on environment and health issues

Support for local development initiatives


Since September 2019, the Embassy focuses its work for spreading technical best practices for local stakeholders in order to be part of the local development. It is quite optimism that the activities  done in collaboration with the Libyan side have given some opportunities for Indonesia and Libya or event for other international organization/institution residing in Libya which have the same vision to exchange more technical information and activities. Some examples that now being appreciated and potential to be explored more by government and private institution in Libya are virtual exchanging activities on recycling product from plastic and paper waste, water management by using applied sustainable technology and energy (training).

From the above perspectives, strong messages of support are given by dignitaries in Libya especially relating to the campaign and action of keeping the environment condition on sustainable basis despite still many challenges.  This message is very patriotic since all the world now face the same problems and issues.  We are all aware that during decades, international world and communities try to avoid natural disasters which may be worsen by the emerging of unnatural disasters. The climate change and others disasters which may give massive impacts to peoples should be anticipated together and in collaborative manners.

It looks very optimistic that  Libyan and Indonesian way of life are giving full respect to their environment. Both countries are having the same qualification and well known as Coastal States. The states that are very integrated with Water existence and activities. The water activities are very important in preserving the all security aspects (food, energy, and other economic securities) for the benefit and welfare of local peoples. This attention is spreading in all level of societies with the political and logistic support of central and local government and/or administrations.

Some enlightening moment from September 2019 that Embassy noted very well are when the Embassy started organizing seminar with the Non-Profit  Organization such as Better Africa, Union of the Libyan Non-Government Organizations, with the International Organization for Migration-Libya Office, the UNDP-Libya Office, Planning Ministry of Libya, Culture Office of Libya,  Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation of Libya, Ali Gharyani Book Center, Audience with the Prime Minister of Abdelhamed Dbeiba and Minister Ibrahim/Ministry of Environment during the signing of Climate Change Document in Tripoli June 2021,  Agriculture Faculty of Misurata, National Paralympic Committee of Libya, Islamic Call College of Tripoli, The Union of  Chamber of Commerce,  and all encounters that being given good assistance from Libyan online medias. These collaborative activities give strong bases and ownership that Libya and Indonesia are concerned with the environment situation together with the International communities.

Those collaborative efforts are hoped not stop when the feeling of all aspect of communities have achieved the same tone and vision to work for better and stronger contribution to the societies in the broader contacts not only for individual but also for communities. It is encouraging to witness that  Libyan Government and l all related stakeholders develop many initiatives. The initiative that invite all stakeholders in the country and all international institution to participate in creating better situation for all.

In this regards, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli happily engages with all related stakeholders in Libya according to its capacity by doing virtual activities that may useful for our two peoples. This way is quite effective even though it is also depend on the connection but this innovative way can reduce the limitation of physical visit due to pandemic situation.

As prior commitment , in the fourth quarter of the 2021, precisely on the closing of this year, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia has prepared some programs which will be done with some technical stakeholders or individual families like Libyan artist and other professional institution in many fields such as health community,  culture and founding father’s diplomacy.

One of them  in the near time is the Embassy has prepared  some programs respectively with the Alumni of the Technical Faculty of the University of  Indonesia and the Management of Book Centre, Ali Gharyani-Tajoura-East Tripoli, in organizing  one day seminar under the theme Developing Medical Devices on Air Disinfectant for Peoples Health.  This activity is actually as a continuation program done since the pandemic Covid 19 found in 2020. The program is intended to spread and transmit the good practices of Indonesian Youth and Its Senior Fellow of the University of Indonesia in developing the devices that give a good impact in fortifying human alert on its health protection after doing mobile activities during and after the pandemic era.  In Indonesia, the above activity is  classified successful in accompanying the government and its societies program in arising awareness and keeping good attitude to do hygienic ways after doing unavoidable outdoor or indoor besides using mask, clean hands and social distancing.

The other program is spreading the common value of local wisdom of our founding fathers  and our diverse culture in order to respect and explore the  uniqueness of our two culture and founding fathers diplomacy. Other programs that just being introduced and try to be developed are with government institutions and with  other professional institution such as National Paralympic of Libya in the field of training of human resources.

It is hoped that during the last quarter of this year or in the upcoming years, the Embassy will have a chance to work substantially and in broader engagement of our two national institutions/organization. But what the most important is the Embassy as the representative of the Country and peoples always try to reduce the gap that being happened due to unavoidable circumstances.

By doing this, the Embassy hopes that the Embassy will try to be the positive part of local development especially in the sector of health community and city environment in order to create more barakah environment not only for local peoples but also for other peoples in the regions.  For that reason, the Embassy always opens to bridge and share its best practices of our Indonesian fellow in order to support local initiatives and development program.

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