Appreciating Libya-Indonesia collaborative works for no one left behind development program

It is fully understood that development is not only material aspect. The country development needs holistic development. The development must have  physical aspect and psychology aspect.  These are packets in maintaining the sustainable attitude of human being with its environment.

It is very heartening to attend the opening of Infrastructure Fair in Sport City of Tripoli from June 6-9, 2021 with the presence of local and regional real estate and housing industrial group of companies. The presence indicates the strong willingness of the local stakeholders in redeveloping their areas and its surrounding to be a descent ones and to step by step accommodating people’s need for having proper infrastructure without neglecting local heritages.

The organization of Infrastructure Fair in Libya is very good measure. It is not only for accommodating physical need but also for improving positive emotion of citizen to create better environment.

This event is the long-awaited event not only for local but also for foreigners. The long abstention of this event is understandable happen due to conflicts.  And with the current Fair and also others international fairs committed being held in the near future time such as Tripoli Trade Fair in September 2021 giving new expectation even though Covid 19 is still found.

This event is not possible to stand alone without having integrative efforts. This event should be supported by other substantial factors such as security, rule of law, health protocol and even incentives. It is hoped that this Fair will contribute to positive development in Libya.

This measure becomes more encouraging when this even is accompanied by noble effort done by government and civil society to improve quality of the city and environment.

During these years’ peoples in the country being entertained by social and environmental protection movement.  This situation shows good pictures that all element in Libya actively give great attention toward the city development in particular and country development in general. On June 6 2021, it is also happy to attend the Signature of Paris Agreement relating Climate Change by PM Dbeibah and its stance to the importance of protecting Libya biodiversity. This policy will give impact to the world.

Libya with around 6-7 million inhabitants classified as the fortunate country that possess abundance of natural resources, historical and cultural heritages. These become national asset that must be preserved and promoted.

More promotion will give good impressive not only for Libyan but also foreigners. And this situation will give more opportunity to local society to make many positive cultural festivals that encourage circular economy not only for the people but also for the country.

The above technical, social and cultural measures will be an ideal aspect in supporting and redeveloping Libya in the years to come.

Meanwhile many potentials lying ahead for redeveloping Libya, the Libyan is blessed by having a geographical bonus.

Libya is located at among many continents which have abundance of civilization and development. This situation may be used for strategic tool to support its national development, especially in having transfer of know-how technology that are useful for developing the country.

Relating to above perspectives, The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli always be open in sharing their country best practices to Libyan peoples. In this context, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli always uses its time to be more engage with social and other non-profit organization in order to be active in Libyan national development program.

According to the note, Indonesia has been participating in the Oil energy sectors in Libya even though these activities should be stop due to conflict.

The other technical activities that being collaborated with local institution are mainly to do what the Indonesian Constitution ask for, namely to join actively in creating welfare of world peoples. Therefore, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli is happy to bridge the sharing knowledge and capacity building program for Libya to have more applied technology choices in many sectors or even to be shared with Indonesia.

One of some aspects of infrastructure development that Indonesia has offered is sharing its water management capacity building with applied technology and recycling products from the Plastic and Paper waste. These two aspects have been accepted very well by Libyan Professional and communities.  For that, the Embassy is thanking for all assistance rendered by all element of Libyan in order to be able to actively participate their national development.

Since the beginning of my assignment in Tripoli, the embassy’s engagement tries to adopt No one Left behind approaches. The approaches always pay attention to all element of society participation to pay their role in their country development.

For this purpose, the Indonesian Embassy would like to be more engage with more technical activities, at least in the middle of pandemic of Covid 19 era, the Embassy encourage the moral value in keeping social health and good environment in empowering local peoples through virtual transferring of knowledge, meetings and encounters.

So far during first semester of this year, the Embassy has made series of virtual workshops in technical issues relating to the Water Management with Applied Technology based on Solar Energy and the Workshop of Recycling Products from Plastic and Paper Waste in collaboration with the Office of Paralympic Committee of Libya and Ali Gharyani Book Centre which invite actively the participants from the Special Need Persons and Regional Communities, Citizens and Teachers.

One issue that becomes the major issue of the world is concerning Waste Management. For Indonesia and Libya this issue has been taken seriously due to its destructive impacts to human life. For those reasons, the waste that usually coming mostly from domestic consumption be managed properly to give new profit or income for individual or families.

In Indonesia, the Government successfully invite communities to develop Waste Bank and invites Special Need Persons to support and event joins actively in creating this waste management business process and get benefits.

Thanks God Almighty, the workshops are full of useful discussion and exchange of best practices among the societies.

And the most encouraging moment on this workshop conducted by The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with Ministry of Social Affaires of the Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia, Special Regional Government of Jakarta Province, Paralympic Committee of Libya and Ali Gharyani   Book Centre Committee-Tajoura City is the participation of special need persons as one of inseparable element of development in Libya and in Indonesia. This community engagement has proven that they can do professionally and even inspire us with extraordinary ideas and products.

May the above efforts be Barakallah for all.

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