Arab European Human Rights Center condemns “barbaric attack” on migrants in Tripoli

Arab European Center for human rights and IHL. [Photo: Libyan Express]
The Arab European center for human rights and international law condemned the unjustified and barbaric attack, Tuesday night, at Tajoura illegal immigrants detention center which led to more than 40 deaths and 130 severe injuries.

The center for human rights and international law said in a statement on Thursday that “this horrendous action as full-fledged war crime and constitutes flagrant and grave violation of principles of human rights and IHL.”

It demanded setting an international investigation committee to probe into identification of those mastermind, funded and executed this inhumane aggression.

“Arab European center for human rights and international law thinks that detention of migrants must end international community have to cooperate and assist Libyan authorities to facilitate HVR program with relevant international organizations.” It said.

The center stressed its continued follow -up to be aware of the findings of the investigation and hold the perpetrators legally and morally liable for committing this criminal action.

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