British singer Joss Stone sings in Libya’s Tripoli

Joss Stone singing in Libya’s Tripoli. [Photo: Internet]
British singer Joss Stone visited Tripoli on Sunday and sang some of her sons in Gargarish Park as part of her Total World Tour.

“We made it to Tripoli for our 198th gig on the Total World Tour with the help of the most welcoming and courageous team ‘expertise consultancy’ Tamim is the reason any of this could be possible.” Stone said on her Facebook page.

“We sang some songs in the park and hopefully everyone had a nice day of frivolous fun and laughter. It seemed that way. It was nice to see everyone relaxing and feeling free for a moment. Thanks so much to everyone we met along the way.” She added.

“You won’t believe there story and just how brave and Nobel they all are. We found the good, it was everywhere.” Stone said.

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