Clashes rock Mitiga Airport in Libya’s capital, a pilot killed

  • Libyan Express |
  • Thursday 14 December 2017

Mitiga Airport (Photo: Internet)

A military helicopter’s pilot was killed in clashes that broke out in Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport between the Special Deterrent Force and a local brigade from Tajoura province in the capital’s suburbs, according to Al-Mutawaset newspaper.

The Special Deterrent Force is the one controlling the Mitiga Airport, which is some kilometers away from Tajoura.

According to local sources, clashes erupted between the brigade and force on Al-Shaat Road “The Beach Road” with exchange of fire and medium weapons being used by both parties.

Al-Mutawaset newspaper reported Wednesday that during the clashes, there had been direct fire opened on one of the Government of National Accord’s military helicopters that was landing in the airport, killing the captain inside it.

Meanwhile, clashes led to short suspension of flights, then the they returned to normal. Reasons behind the clashes re still unknown.

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