Derna Shura Council denies links to attack on Copts in Minya, Egypt

  • Libyan Express |
  • Sunday 28 May 2017

Derna Shura Council has issued a statement declining any involvement in the horrific attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt’s Minya on Friday.

“It is not our policy to target unarmed civilians in Libya, or in Egypt,” The Statement reads.

It adds that Egypt’s airstrikes on Derna were a diversion to the Egyptian Public from Al-Sisi’s failure to address the security and economic crises in his country.

The Egyptian warplanes carried out airstrikes late on Friday on the headquarters of Derna Shura Council in Libya’s eastern city of Derna.

But Derna Shura Council denied that the airstrike had ever hit their locations, saying they only targeted civilian areas and different non-populated places.

The Islamic State published a statement on Saturday claiming responsibility for the attack, which they say killed 31 and injured 24.

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