€28.5 million worth drugs’ shipment from Syria to Libya stopped in Malta

Photo of some of the shipment (Photo: Times of Malta)

The largest ever drug haul discovered in Freeport containers on Monday had a street value of €28.5 million, the Customs Department has revealed, according to Times of Malta. 

The four containers containing 10 to 11 tonnes of cannabis resin were discovered at the Malta Freeport, the newspaper added.

“Three of the containers were declared as carrying crockery detergent, while the other container was declared as carrying blow-torches. The containers, which were making their way through Malta on their way from Syria to Libya, were flagged as ‘potential high risk containers’ following risk analysis by the Customs Container Monitoring Unit.” Times of Malta indicated.

According to the newspaper, the containers were then scanned twice, which revealed that images which were not homogenous.

“Customs officials then discovered bundles of brown substance hidden within the detergent. A narcotics field-test confirmed the contents as cannabis resin.” It added.

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