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Emirates establishes travel Ban on 13 Muslim countries

The United Arab Emirates has halted new visa for citizens from 13 mostly Muslim-majority countries including Libya and Turkey.According to a document issued by a state-owned business park, new employment and visit visas have been…

ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi believed killed in US raid in Idlib

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is believed to have been killed in a raid conducted by the US military in northwest Syria on Saturday, according to a senior US defense official and a source with knowledge.The final confirmation is…

Syrian Army strikes Idlib, kills over 17 civilians

At least 17 civilians, including three children, were killed on Sunday in fresh Syrian regime airstrikes in the de-escalation zones in northwestern Syria, defense sources said.  Syrian Army forces supported by Russian jets targeted…

Israel strikes Syrian military defense system in Quneitra

Israeli aircraft struck a Syrian military target in Quneitra on Monday after an anti-aircraft missile was launched earlier at an Israeli fighter jet, the Israeli army said.However, Syrian state media, said Isarel sruck the Quneitera…

US says Syria’s Assad might be using chemical weapons again

The US State Department reportedly uncovered evidence that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has continued to use chemical weapons against civilians, per a press release, issuing a warning that the US and its allies would respond "quickly…

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