Emirati TV presenter describes Algerians as “barbaric” after AFCON win

UAE TV presenter says Algerians are barbaric! [Photo: Libyan Express]
UAE TV presenter Hamad Al-Miziwighy said he is boycotting Algeria’s national football team, which won Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt last Friday.

The Emirati presenter said the Algerian people are “barbaric” after a riot for some Algerian supporters was posted on social media at Cairo Airport.

Al-Miziwighy tweeted: “After watching the video of Algerians brawling with security personnel at Cairo Airport, I won’t support Algeria’s national football team anymore as its supporters are barbaric and ignorant. I will cheer for any team plays against Algeria even if it was Israel.”

Algeria won Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt after beating Senegal 1-0 last Friday.

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