Faviol Seferi, Founder of Insomnia – Interview

Faviol Seferi didn’t follow any of the perfume market rules!

Insomnia is a French niche perfume that has been created in by Faviol Seferi Fragrance for women and men and was released in 2017, in accordance with the principles of the so-called haute perfumery. Perfume insomnia became an overnight phenomenon shortly after its release.

Unlike mass-marketed perfumery where the fragrances are aimed at satisfying the generic mass market, Faviol Seferi aimed to create something extremely distinctive and special. He then started a collaboration with Sezer Sabah And Svetoslav Rusev – the noses behind his scent and partners in his company.

I’ve never liked mass-marketed perfumery. They are like a copy/paste machine that show the simplest facets of the scents, and sometimes the low quality of the ingredients too. I wanted to do something more, something truly special. I wanted to present affordable niche perfumery to the public!

Faviol Seferi

The following interview is with Faviol Seferi:

The perfume business is more and more competitive. What gave you the courage to jump into this business in the beginning?

Well, we share the same passion – me and my partner we don’t only work in this sector – we’ve been fragrance addicts for more than 10 years. That’s how we met. I was into advertising business at that time and he was owning manufacturing facility. We came up with the idea of starting perfume brand after having a long and passionate conversation about scents.

We both say that when your job is something you make with love, it’s not job anymore. It’s satisfaction. It’s passion. That’s what was giving us the courage and the power.

What’s your own definition of success?

For me Success is remembering to balance work with passion.

Which was the importance of your branding decisions on the growth of your business?

Well, I don’t concentrate on “which”. I concentrate on “how” – how to go there.

When you’re making business with partners the communication is of main importance. Once you have that settled everything goes by plan. For instance we are communicating a lot. All of the time. When we are not together we are speaking on the phone, sending each other emails, notes etc.

Overall if you have good communication, making decisions is the easiest part.

After all one of the the first decision we’ve take for the growth our business is that we started very hard – with expensive campaigns, launching events, opening shops every month, working with celebrities. But there is something really important tho. We knew that we had masterpiece. We didn’t invest in advertising just to sell our stuff. We invested so we can show the world what we’ve done.

How would you describe the essence of Insomnia brand in just one word?


What does it take to be a maker, in your opinion?

Heart. Passion. Courage.

What makes Insomnia different, do you think?

Insomnia is different in so many ways.

The aroma of insomnia is something really special and shocking I’d say. If I can describe it with feelings, I’d say it’s mysterious. Its provocative. This is a fragrance that perfectly boost your confidence.

At the other side, we’ve surpassed almost all perfumes brands in terms of performance- we gave people one of the best perfume longevity ever lasting over 20 hours!

What is it about fragrance that’s so important to you, and what power do you think it gives the wearer?

For me fragrances are like a time capsules. I relate every fragrance I use with memory.

I relate every aroma with a feeling and all of us do I believe. Many people underestimate the power of the fragrances but once they realise it they can start using it – they can create memories, they can even influence minds.

Will Insomnia be the perfumer for future fragrances?

Insomnia is something that has not shown even a small part of what it will be. We will provoke. We will go far. We will give people things that will always exceed the high expectations that we have built in them.

Finally, what are your four favourite smells in the whole world?

I have one favourite smell. It’s my fragrance and I’ll tell you why it’s so special for me. Insomnia for me is not just scent – it’s a set of emotions and memories. It’s personification of hard work, ambitions, sleepless nights and a dream come true.

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