Flights redirected to Tunisia as Haftar’s attacks force shutdown of airspace of Misurata Airport

Afriqiyah Airways plane. [Photo: Internet]
Flights heading to the Libyan airport of Misurata were forced to divert on Sunday after air strikes carried out by warplanes loyal t  Khalifa Haftar, targeted Tripoli’s only functioning airport Mitiga and Misurata Airport as well. 

The spokesman for the forces of Libya’s UN-recognised Government of National Accord, Mustafa Al-Majea, said warplanes flown by Haftar’s pilots carried out at least four attacks on Mitiga airport and one attack on Misurata Airport.

Meanwhile, a flight for the Afriqiyah Airways bound from Tunisia was rerouted back to Sfax Airport as Misurata Airport management announced that the airspace was shut down.

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