Four civilians killed in Haftar forces’ attacks in southern Tripoli

Aftermath of Haftar’s shelling on Kareimiya in south Tripoli. [Photo: Social Media – Archive]
Forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar launched rocket attacks Wednesday on the capital Tripoli, killing four civilians – females – and injuring several others.

Three girls from the same family were killed in the first attack in southern Tripoli’s Ain Zara suburb, according to the Health Ministry under the UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA).

One woman was killed later the same day in the capital’s Bab Bin Ghashir district when a rocket struck her car, also wounding her daughter and niece, according to a statement by the GNA’s Volcano of Rage Operation.

Heavy fighting between GNA forces and Haftar militias has been ongoing since early Wednesday, especially on Ain Zara frontline in the south of the capital.

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