Haftar’s forces bomb Jufra airbase leading to passengers plane crash, one person killed

The warplanes of the air force of the eastern commander of the Operation Dignity, Khalifa Haftar, carried an airstrike on Jufra airbase in central Libya on Tuesday afternoon.

The airstrike of Haftar’s air force made a passengers plane that was trying to take off at the moment of bombardment crash on the ground.

Media outlets said the spokesperson of the Misurata Military Council, Ibrahim Bayt Al-Mal was injured in the airstrike, without giving further details.

Haftar is widening his forces’ operations out of Benghazi and is eying to have control of all airbases in the southern and central regions so that his attacks on the western city become easy.

His forces, led by Mohammed Ben Nayel, took control of Tamnahent and Barak Al-Shati airbases in southern Libya as part of his Operation Dignity agenda.

Haftar has kicked off the Operation Dignity in May 2014 in a bid to fight terrorism as he claimed.

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