Haftar’s forces target Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport, injure several pilgrims

Damage caused to Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport by Haftar’s forces shelling. [Photo: Social Media]
Khalifa Haftar’s forces have targeted Mitiga Airport with heavy artillery shelling overnight, damaging parts of a Libyan Airlines plane and injuring four Libyan hajis (pilgrims).

The shelling took place in the early hours of Sunday as a Libyan Airlines flight was landing in Mitiga Airport coming from Medina Airport in Saudi Arabia carrying hajis.

The Presidential Council has issued a statement condemning the targeting of the civilian airport and endangering people’s lives by the shelling of Haftar’s forces.

This is not the first time, since April 04 when Haftar’s forces started the attack on Tripoli, the airport is targeted by shells or airstrikes by Haftar’s forces, leaving damage, deaths and injuries behind.

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