Haftar’s new push for entering Libya’s Tripoli repelled by GNA forces

Fighting rages on in Tripoli. [Photo: Internet]
Khalifa Haftar’s forces launched a new attack on different frontlines in southern Tripoli on Saturday in an endeavour to enter the city center of Libya’s capital, Tripoli. 

The attack was the fiercest at Naqliyah Camp on the Airport Road in southern Tripoli, with Haftar’s forces briefly taking control before being defeated and pushed out by the forces under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

Photo showing GNA forces at the entrance of Naqliyah Camp on July 27, 2019. [Photo: Social Media]
Sources on the ground reported that Haftar’s forces pulled out from Naqliya Camp leaving behind at least 15 killed fighters and several military vehicles as well as Egypt-made ammunition.

In the meantime, sources close to GNA said GNA forces suffered the killing of four of their fighters, while several others were injured.

Amid the clashes in southern Tripoli, Al-Kani Militia of Tarhouna, loyal to Haftar, launched an attack on Garabulli town but was repelled by Libyan Army forces under GNA’s command.

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