Haftar’s renewed attacks on Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport suspend flights for hours

Mitiga Airport [Photo: Social Media]
Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport suspended flights for over 8 hours on Thursday after a rocket attack by Khalifa Haftar’s forces, in a new violation of the ceasefire that was announced on January 12.

The Ministry of Transportation of the Government of National Accord said they had to suspend flights in Mitiga Airport due to Haftar’s attack and later announced the resumption.

The UN support mission in Libya condmened the renewed attacks on the only operational airport in Greater Tripoli, saying it is used by thousands of Libyans for their urgent travels.

Haftar’s forces have been targeting Mitiga Airport for the last 10 months since the start of their offensive on Tripoli, with three attacks coming over the last two days alone.

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