Interior Ministry arrests coordinator between ISIS and Ansar Al-Sharia in Libya

Emad Al-Shagabi under arrest. [Photo: Social Media]
The Libyan Interior Ministry said Saturday in a statement that its Tajoura-based Central Support Force had arrested the coordinator between ISIS and Ansar Al-Sharia in Libya, Emad Al-Shagabi. 

The arrest came after a letter by the Interior Ministry last week that called for Al-Shagabi’s arrest for his role in terrorism and instability in Libya.

Al-Shagabi will be sent to the office of the Public Prosecutor for further legal action and more investigations into his crimes and charges.

The Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) has denied that Emad Al-Shagabi s working as an adviser at LIA.

This rebuttal comes after social media pages circulated news that LIA board member Mustafa Al-Manea had issued a Special Passport for Al-Shagabi in an illicit way.

Speaking to Ean Libya on the phone, LIA board member refuted the incident, saying it is just fake news and the photo for the passport that is circulated on social media is photoshopped as it has no signature.

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