Italy’s Embassy “Likes” tweet celebrating strikes on Misurata then apologizes for it

Italian Embassy in Libya. [Photo: ESTERI]
Outrage and anger have been the feelings of Libyans as they noticed the Italian Embassy in Libya “Liked” on Twitter a tweet for “Libya Channel” which is based in Jordan and is loyal to Khalifa Haftar.

The controversial tweet was news about airstrikes on Misurata city and that is why the “Like” of the Italian Embassy wasn’t so welcomed by Libyans on social media.

Many activists and media personalities denounced this act by the Italian Embassy and called for an investigation into the motives behind such a “Like”.

The Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation media office denounced Saturday the act by the Italian Embassy and said it was irresponsible and agaisnt the basics of the diplomatic profession, calling on the embassy’s officials to provide an apology to Libyans.

The embassy “Unliked” the Libya Channel post after many Libyan activists and media personalities had contacted it.

The Italian Embassy said afterwards on Twitter that its account was hacked and that it will close it for some time to fix the problem.

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