Libya: Haftar’s forces fail to advance on Tripoli downtown despite UAE air cover

Tanks on Tripoli streets. [Photo: Archive ]
Libya’s Un-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) on Saturday announced that drones from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) targeted a residential area in Tripoli, seriously injuring several members of a family.

In a statement, GNA said that the airstrikes by the UAE warplanes for Khalifa Haftar’s forces took place in Mashro Al-Hadba area in the capital.

In the meantime, heavy clashes took place between GNA forces and Haftar’s forces in Yarmouk Camp and after long hours of fighting, GNA forces announced full control of the camp and said it had thwarted Haftar’s forces advance on the frontline.

Violent clashes also erupted on Tripoli Airport frontline and many fighters from both sides have been reported killed and injured.

No specific number was given from either side for the casualties.

The GNA accuses the UAE of supporting Haftar’s forces, which Abu Dhabi has previously denied on several occasions.

Haftar’s forces launched a campaign in April to capture Tripoli from Libya’s internationally recognized GNA.

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