Libya: Sirte Protection Force condemns foreign airstrikes on its positions

Sirte Protection Force. [Photo: Libyan Express]
The Sirte Protection Force (SPF) has condemned airstrikes by foreign drones backing up Khalifa Haftar’s forces on its positions in and around the city in central Libya.

In a statement on Saturday, the SPF said the airstrikes killed fighters who are tasked with foiling any possible infiltrations by ISIS back to the city.

It also said that the Friday airstrikes came after the SPF had thwarted movements of “lone wolves” and “sleeper cells” of ISIS, saying that the Haftar-ordred airstrikes mean that he backs up ISIS and their infiltrations to Sirte.

The SPF called on all Libyans and international community to condemn the foreign strikes on its forces which are protecting Libya from falling victim to terrorism once again.

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