Libyan authorities, WHO respond effectively to flooding damage in Ghat

WHO provides supplies to Ghat resident after flooding. [Photo: WHO]
World Health Organization said it had provided emergency and laboratory health supplies, scaled up disease surveillance, and deployed medical staff to support people affected by floods in the southwestern Libyan town of Ghat.

According to WHO, three children and one adult died in the floods that struck Ghat in early June.

More than 2500 people were displaced and many are now being hosted by relatives.

“The town’s hospital was struck by the flooding, but is now partially operational. Pharmacies and the hospital’s warehouse were also flooded.” WHO reported.

WHO volunteers in Libya rushed medical staff and supplies to the flood area to treat the injured and those forced to flee their homes.

WHO said it had also deployed a psychiatrist to the flood area to help people trying to cope with trauma.

Libyan authorities under the Government of National Accord’s command have dispatched lots of aids and the Central Bank of Libya has sent cash to the banks in Ghat as part of a continuous air-supply-line from Mitiga Airport in Tripoli to Ghat.

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