Libyan Foreign Bank finds leaked Audit Bureau strange, says ready to respond

Libyan Foreign Bank’s statement (Photo: Libyan News)

The Libyan Foreign Bank (LFB) said it had been bewildered to see a leaked Audit Bureau report draft prior to being discussed with the concerned departments at the LFB.

“The leak comes despite the fact that the LFB has previously reviewed all Audit Bureau inquiries and responded accordingly, especially the points of interest to the Central Bank of Libya.” A statement by the LFB says.

The LFB said it is ready to respond to all inquiries included in the Audit Bureau’s leaked report in legal ways, indicating that such leaks are not approved and only aim to stain the reputation of the LFB, which is a paramountly significant economic body in Libya.

“Those who leaked the Audit Bureau’s report are now subjects to legal prosecution as such an act is a violation of control department work and confidentiality.” The LFB explained.

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