Libyan journalists slam Amnesty International as “hate speech advocate”

Amnesty International

Libyan journalists have issued a statement condemning the post on the Amnesty International Facebook page that alleged that slave markets are deeply rooted in Libya, by saying on a photo post “you can buy two person for the price of a mobile phone in Libya.”

106 journalists signed Sunday the statement and accused Amnesty International of hate speech promotion against Libyans by showing the world that “slavery” exists in Libya, while it really doesn’t.

“All the allegations of Amnesty International are as untrue as they shocking to us as Libyans because we thought Amnesty International cares about human rights and cares about the truth, but it turned out it is part of the media campaign against Libya.” The statement reads.

It added that Amnesty International helped rally all the social media around pushing the African-European Unions Summit in Ivory Coast’s Abidjan to demand an immediate release of the detained illegal immigrants for fear of the alleged “slavery.”

The journalists added that Amnesty International must delete the post on Facebook and extend an apology to Libyans because otherwise Libyans will never trust it again.

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