Libyan Prime Minister Al-Sirraj proposes National Conference, investigation of war crimes

GNA’s Prime Minister Fayez Al-Sirraj. [Photo: Internet]
The Libyan Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Fayez Al-Sirraj has proposed holding a Libyan National Conference under the supervision of UN mission in the country to pave the way for a constitutional basis for elections, which  he said should be held in 2019.

Al-Sirraj added on Sunday in a press conference in Tripoli that the national conference will include all Libyans who are willing to build a civilian state, democracy, peace, and unity, saying it will exclude the Libyan parties that are advocating for military rule, dictatorship, and totalitarian rule.

The GNA’s PM indicated that their forces have been very successful in foiling the destruction and militarization of Tripoli by defending it against the attacking forces of “warlord Khalifa Haftar.”

He also deplored the killing of civilians and the airstrikes on civilian, public and private properties by Haftar’s forces, saying such acts are considered war crimes.

“GNA has requested a war crimes’ probe into the airstrikes and shelling of civilian areas and of public and private properties by Haftar’s forces in order to hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions.” Al-Sirraj added.

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