Libya’s Air Force jet lands in Tunisia, GNA says aircraft isn’t part of its fleet

Libyan aircraft landed in Tunisia on July 22, 2019. [Photo: Social Media]
A Libyan Air Force jet landed Monday in Mednine in Tunisia and the pilot Faraj Al-Gharyani has been detained by Tunisian authorities on the spot.

According to the Tunisian defense ministry’s statement, the warplane was Mig L39 and it was laden with missiles.

Reports from preliminary investigations with the pilot say that he has had technical fault in the GPS device of the aircraft and had to land in Tunisia once the fuel ran out .

Sources from the Libyan Air Force of the Government of National Accord in Tripoli said they have no idea about the L39 aircraft and other is not part of the GNA’s fleet.

Media activists said the warplane was for Khalifa Haftar’s Air Force and took off from Al-Watiya airbase in order to carry out airstrikes on GNA forces in southern Tripoli, but the pilot rejected and landed in Tunisia to avoid striking Tripoli.

Libyan Express has not received confirmations from Haftar’s forces general command about the truth of this allegation.

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