Libya’s capital is going into all-out war as fragile UN ceasefire breaks

Smoke billows from one site of the clashes in Tripoli (Photo: Social Media)

Several have been injured on Thursday as violent clashes renewed in areas in southern Tripoli between the coalition of Sumood Brigade and 7th Brigade of Tarhouna and the armed groups positioned in Tripoli under the Government of National Accord’s Interior Ministry.

Fighting has been reported in the Airport Road, Salah Eddine, Khalit Al-Furjan, Mashroa Al-Hadba, Abu Salim and Ain Zara, with reports of the attacking forces – some led by Salah Badi – controlling several camps and positions.

This new wave of violence violated and broke the UN-brokered ceasefire that supposedly committed all warring parties in the capital to 8 points, including no hostilities and armed clashes anymore.

The Presidential Council has not taken any serious action yet toward ending the power and authority of the armed groups controlling he capital, leaving their hands freely messing with the lives of civilians and their properties, not to mention the state institutions and properties.

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