Libya’s Central Bank denies moving data centres to Misurata

Data centres of the CBL are still in Tripoli headquarters, the CBL says. [Photo: SingleSource Comms]
A source from the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) has denied to Libyan Express the news circulated on social media and media outlets about the transfer of the data centres from the main headquarters in Tripoli to the city of Misurata. 

The source told Libyan Express on Friday that this news is a mere rumor and the database system is still in place intact.

Africa Confidential website spread rumors on Thursday saying the “Misurata militias” were preparing a move of the CBL’s database system from Tripoli to Misurata  in case they were defeated by Khalifa Haftar’s forces.

Tripoli has been under attack by Haftar’s forces since April 04, when he launched an offensive to take power and marginalize the UN-backed Government of National Accord as well as its legitimate institutions.

Haftar and his mouthpiece media outlets have been accusing the CBL of backing “terrorist militias” to take power in Tripoli, knowing that Haftar’s forces themselves are accused of supporting ISIS terrorists and allowing them to leave from Benghazi to Sirte in 2015-2016.

Haftar is also used to calling anyone who opposes him a terrorist or a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and Ansar Al-Sharia to use as a pretext for unlawful killings and murders.

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