Libya’s Central Bank relaunches $500 family grant

Libyan Central Bank (CBL) (Photo: Internet)

The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) said in a statement on Wednesday that it is going to resume the $500 grant for every family member in the country starting from next Sunday.

The CBL explained that the delay has been caused by the bank’s investigation into the fake national IDs at the system of the Libyan Civil Registry Authority, denying that the delay was because of lack of funding for the grant.

The CBL started the family grant in 2017 by giving every family member $400 at the bank’s rates, then raised in the beginning of 2018 to $500 then in the last quarter of 2018 announced making it $1000, but failed to allow the added $500 to go to the bank accounts of the people, citing fake IDs’ problems.

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