Libya’s eastern authorities mulling reopening embassy in Syria

Arab countries are mulling the return of Syria to the membership of the Arab League (Photo: Internet)

After the UAE’s reopening of its embassy in Syria’s capital Damascus, many Arab countries have been vocal about their intentions to regain ties and normal relations with Syria under the rule of Bashar Al-Assad.

Tunisia is now considering inviting Al-Assad to the Arab Summit, which will be held in Tunisia, Beirut and Cairo this year, and is discussing with Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the unfreezing of Syrian membership at the Arab League.

Libya – the east-based Interim Government – is also pondering the return of Syria to the Arab league and considering reopening its embassy in Damascus.

According to a Libyan diplomat at the Interim Government, Hassan Mansour, who spoke to Russian news agency RIA Novosti, his government is with the return of Syria to the Arab League for its “role in fighting terrorism.”

Mansour added that the UAE’s reopening of the embassy in Damascus was very vital for Syria is very significant in the fight against terrorism, which Libya is also fighting on a daily basis.

The Arab Summit is due to be held next March and the decision to return Syria’s membership is up to the majority vote of the Arab countries, which for now are showing tendency toward normalizing relations with Syria after 8 years of war and destruction in the country.

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