Libya’s Foreign Minister accuses US, France and Russia of hampering a Security Council resolution against Tripoli offensive

Mohammed Sayala. [Photo: Internet]
The Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala said in a briefing on his ministry work at the Tripoli-based House of Representatives (HoR) on Tuesday that the UN Security Council had failed to issue a resolution for Tripoli offensive because of the US, Russia and France’s reservations and prolongation.

Sayala also said that Arab countries had also failed in taking a clear stance regarding Tripoli offensive, which was launched by Khalifa Haftar’s forces in order to carry “a coup against legitimacy.”

“France has shown a clear stance regarding Tripoli fighting and for a ceasefire as well as support for the Government of National Accord only after the Head of Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj had paid a visit to Paris.” Sayala said.

He added that the GNA had sent a letter to France and International Criminal Court regarding the banned weapons found in Gharyan at the hands of Haftar’s forces.

Sayala also referred to the fact that the US describes Haftar’s forces as militias, saying the US had asked Haftar to join the political dialogue for the first time through its Libya ambassador.

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