Libya’s Foreign Minister: Haftar’s tanks destroyed on Tripoli’s outskirts

Libya’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala in an interview. [Photo: Screengrab]
The Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala said the world has become more knowledgeable about who in Libya is calling for the civilian and democratic state and who is calling for the military and totalitarian rule, referring to Khalifa Haftar’s offensive on Tripoli.

Sayala’s remarks came in an interview with Libya February TV Channel on Friday when he said Haftar’s tanks had been destroyed on the outskirts of Tripoli, hailing the role of the Libyan Army forces under the Government of National Accord’s command.

The Foreign Minister added that if Haftar went to Paris and met with President Emmanuel Macron, it would be very different from all other meetings as this time it could be counterproductive to the state of Libya.

“The international community and Europe have changed lately their stance regarding the war against Tripoli. Their first stance when the attack started was different. Now we need to see more efforts exerted by the EU and western countries to deter Haftar from continuing his offensive.” Sayala remarked.

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