Libya’s GNA airstrike kills over a dozen fighters from Haftar’s forces

A group of military vehicles of Khalifa Haftar’s forces. [Photo: Social Media]
13 fighters loyal to forces commanded by Khalifa Haftar were killed overnight in a drone strike by the Government of National Accord in southern Tripoli, a military source told reporters.

According to local media, seven out of the 13 killed fighters were senior leaders in Haftar’s forces.

The strike mainly hit the Ajdabiya Operations Room fighters of Khalifa Haftar’s forces’ according to the reports.

Haftar launched his offensive on Tripoli on April 04 in a quest for power and control of the Libyan capital.

UN agencies said that over 1000 have been so far killed and over 5000 injured, not to mention the 100.000 and more displaced civilians.

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