Libya’s Interior Ministry probes change of Haftar’s sons surname to hide crime records

Saddam Haftar is accused of robbing central bank of Libya in Benghazi. [Photo: Libyan Express]
The Interior Ministry of the Government of National Accord (GNA) has started investigating the replacement of the surname “Haftar” by Khalifa Haftar’s two sons; Saddam and Belgasim.

According to a statement issued by the Interior Ministry, Saddam and Belgasim Khalifa Haftar have charged their surname from “Haftar” to “Omar”, in an attempt to hide the surname’s connection to both crimes committed by the sons and the father in international circles.

The change has been made at the family’s National Identity Number System, where all of Haftar’s family members retained the surname except Saddam and Belgasim.

The Interior Ministry said this change aims at concealing the identity of Haftar’s sons while they try to obtain a citizenship from Cyprus via investing some money in that country.

Haftar’s son, Saddam, is accused by UN report of the panel of experts and other legal organizations of robbing the Central Bank of Libya in Benghazi.

Saddam has been also seen lately in Dubai Arabian Horse Championship using the new surname “Omar” instead of “Haftar” and owning two horses that cost about 2 million dollars each.

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