Libya’s NOC chairman urges UN sanctions commission to punish Haftar and 47 others for blocking oil exports

Tripoli’s NOC Chairman says US and allies will block illegal selling of Libya’s oil

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has also written to the UN sanctions committee and foreign embassies with evidence that it says shows Haftar’s allies have for years been offering questionable contracts in breach of UN resolutions, that would lead to millions in dollars of oil revenues being siphoned out of the Libyan economy.

In the letter, the NOC chairman Mustafa Sanallah has called on the international community to back sanctions against 48 named individuals and entities, including the chairman of a rival oil corporation that is seeking to run the four ports, The Guardian reported.

The NOC said it was releasing the documents to show the incompetence and unlawful activities of its rival: “Collectively, these contracts imply a loss to the Libyan state of over $800 million at the very least.”

In his letter, Sanallah called for sanctions against the 48 individuals and entities. He said: “Inaction by the international community against these efforts would by itself constitute a victory for ‘NOC Benghazi’, with grave consequences for peace and security in Libya. In particular, I am concerned that these efforts may accelerate ahead of the elections planned for December, and that they may create conditions that interfere with the acceptance by certain segments of the Libyan population of elections results.”


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