Libya’s Tripoli militias war for control as unity government condemns its own armed groups’ chaos

Clashes in Khalit Al-Furjan in southern Tripoli (Phot: Social Media)

The Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) responded to the clashes of its own armed groups in southern Tripoli by condemning the eruption of violence.

The PC warned in a statement Monday that “these gangs and outlawed groups that have terrorised civilians and residents have no space for such lawlessness and chaos in the capital.”

“We have given orders to the interior ministry to counter these attacks.” The statement reads.

It added that anyone who is found to be involved in these incidents will face justice.

Four people at least have been killed and over seven have been injured in the clashes that erupted Monday morning between security forces and brigades in southern Tripoli and the seventh brigade based in Tarhouna, which in the last two days pushed its military might to the administrative borders f the south of Tripoli.

The two sides of the clashes that were eyewitnesses by many sources on Monday are under the control of the Government of National Accord and its Presidential Council.

The Tripoli Field Hospital allocated an emergency number for the injuries of the clashes and announced high alert state to respond to the escalating fighting in south of Tripoli.

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